Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Started Out a Sonnet

How to connect with my daughter, break through
all that princess pink garbage but still elevate
her self-esteem – is that too P.C.? She does
not need to become subservient to a man,
wash dishes, vacuum the floor, cook dinner,
wash toilets – that’s what her mother’s for
– Joke! That was a joke …

How to have more time in the day
to show your kids the value of priorities
including cleaning, cooking, laundry, hygiene,
and still have time left over for
homework, sports, church, music, reading,
– Something’s got to give …

T.V., internet, blog? There’s not enough time
in a day – and look how old these
kids are getting, how quickly they’re growing up!
Answers: Soccer, Relationships, Cliché
– droll …