Monday, June 20, 2011

Facebook Author Page

So today I went and did it. Influenced by a blog I've been reading, No Smoking Penguins: Why Authors, Poets, & Writers should have a Facebook page ...  from Kelli Russell Agodon's "Book of Kells," I started a Facebook author page.

I don't know what make of this whole Facebook author thing, but I am published in some college literary journals and I have a shortstory published in a book. So I think I might use this blog to show off those works, and to possibly interest anyone else who might care to publish my stuff. I am working on a Rock and Roll Murder Mystery story, and a memoir piece that has plans to become actually more fiction than memoir (but where does the line cross, Oprah?) about a pest control technician who stumbles upon a mystery. And I have some other ideas too. Maybe this blog will keep me more focused on one project so I can get that one completed?

And then when I want to shop it around, I can show any prospective publishers this easy collection of my work.

My fb author page can be found here, Ian Frederick Caton. Perhaps you'd care to click Like ??

And so that's all for now, folks. I have a forthcoming blog about the nature of blogs, and why it is that I've started one. It seems to me a very interesting thing. Whatever this thing is. It is not a book, it is not a fb profile, it is not an online journal (or is it?). No, I think at its very best it is something much more ... and different. But I don't know exactly what yet.

And will it survive the Endtimes?

More to come, stay tuned. But until then please feel free to read my Chapbook, "In 2's and 3's" – asta!

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