Sunday, July 17, 2011


Originally published in Reed Magazine 2002, A Journal of Poetry & Prose, Vol. 55. Copyright © 2002 – San Jose State University

and the drip, drip, drop
of the drops from the sky
so grey and so clean
sends shivers, my spine
(and) i’m with you in this dream
as together we lie
bearing our souls so naked
and imperfect
how i feel so warm
so pure and so blue
as i breathe it in deep
your red and your pink
the scent of the salt in your ocean so wide
take me out to sea
with the tide, won’t you take me out to sea?

and the drops, still they fall
gently tapping on my brow
dripping now this moisture, sweat
as damp turns to wet, so profound
these feelings that i have for you
how can i begin to explain this kind of love?
the ocean’s deep
and so it’s wide
the ocean’s deep and so it’s wide
you can not ever stop the tide
and my love is like that ocean

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