Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mental Illness

My medication’s not working anymore

            I’ve got a mental illness
            That makes me want to kill us 

The yellow lines keep swerving in the road 

            I’ve got to get away
            But they won’t let me get away 

I see my shadow always lurking in the door 

            I’m strapped in tight
            See the needle in the light 

My condition always keeps me on the floor 

            Feed me pills all day
Keep sharp objects away 


This mental illness wants to put me away 

            Returning from the war
            Got to settle the score 

Because I might be a danger to my self 

Shell shocked, mind fucked
All they say is good luck 

Because the proof is in the pudding 

What doesn’t kill you
Can only make you stronger 

I don’t want to live here –
I don’t want to live any longer!

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